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Timber processing


Saw milling
Our mobile saw mill runs on a pair of 12ft tracks allowing for a 10ft log these can be extended to 16ft long (with more extensions available), this means that we are able to create planks, beams, wavy edge boards from the tallest of trees up to 30" diameter. 

Firewood processing

For clients that have woodlands or forest grown timber we can offer a felling service to utilise the timber for our firewood business or if you have a woodland stack of suitable sized logs the mobile firewood can be supplied with operator on a day rate.

Hydraulic splitter
This runs off a mobile generator and can be transported through most gardens, no matter how tricky the obstacles. It generates 30 ton of splitting force, leaving you with split cord lengths or logs split and cut to size.


Chris Baxter Arborist Telephone 07763 155061

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