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Stump removal

Stumps are the part of the tree left in the ground when a tree is felled. They can be a source for disease to spread, be a trip hazard or a nuisance for your lawn mower. Some stumps will grow back.

Stump grinding 

This is a specialist machine that uses a wheel with tungsten or carbide tipped teeth to go from side to side and grind the stump out, usually to a depth of approx 10” This leaves mulch behind that can be left to rot down or spread around the garden. Access is very important – ideally 1m wide, though our machine is small enough to be lifted up by 2 men to navigate raised levels or narrow steps, yet powerful enough to tackle any sized stump. 

Stump removal by hand

This is carried out only if a machine cannot be used and involves a lot of labour and is back breaking! If this has to be undertaken the stump should be left as high as is possible to give good leverage as sometimes a winch can be used.


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