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Why you should not neglect your trees


Decay in trees
Trees that have been poorly pruned can develop points of decay that lead to structural defects that will in time fail. Trees can also develop decay due to infection from different species of fungus. Make sure that wounds are kept to a minimum and that trees are assessed on a regular basis especially if fruiting bodies (fungus) are found on the tree stems or in the rooting area.

Included bark

Tight forks and co dominant stems can sometimes have included bark. This is where the tree continues to increase stem diameter and height but the union is never true. Trees that have included bark will eventually fail and preventative pruning or felling should take place.

Die back
If trees are diseased or have suffered compaction in the rooting area then die back of the canopy will be an indication of what is going on below ground. Also fires made within the rooting area can cause detrimental damage that in the long term can cause the death and necessitate the removal of the tree.


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