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An introduction to felling

Felling is the removal of dangerous or unwanted trees. It is usually the wrong tree in the wrong place, so careful consideration should always be given on selection of species and positioning when planting a tree.

Straight fells
Usually carried out in woodlands or open grounds. The timber can be utilised for firewood or sawmill if there is access for the necessary machinery.

Section fells
Taking the tree down bit by bit, using free fall or hand held technique and where necessary specialist lowering and rigging equipment and techniques to allow the safe removal of any tree in any situation (eg. large decaying tree leaning over a house).

Mobile elevated work platforms make the job safer when removing dead or dangerous trees and comply with the working at heights regulations 2005. They reduce the risk of damage when working over buildings, structures and if many service wires are contained within the tree's canopy. They are very useful for getting to the tips of branches needed to be reduced or for carrying out pollards.  We own a Spider platform that is capable of tracking through 1m wide access, across terrain and can be set up on slopes and variable levels. It has a horizontal reach of approx. 11m and full height at 19m.

If the access is good and the tree is large enough, the use of a crane means the job can be carried out more efficiently and large sections of wood can be utilised for timber.


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