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Welcome to the site of Chris Baxter Arborist

As a company competing in an industry where there are people carrying out poor tree work at cut-throat prices, I hope these pages will help to give much needed advice to people who need tree work undertaken.

Legal liability

Tree owners, landlords or agents are responsible for their trees and any damage that they cause. They should inspect their trees at regular intervals. Where symptoms of ill health or unusual growth are seen, expert advice should be sought through an arborist or arboricultural consultant. Failure to obtain or act upon such advice could lead to allegations of negligence.


Choose well

For pruning of trees it is always best to employ a reputable arborist or tree surgeon. If pruning is carried out incorrectly this can cause devastating affects in the future causing trees to fail and risking damage to property or life.


When looking for someone to carry out tree work for you please take time to find someone qualified and fully insured. Too often, if a tree is to be felled and is deemed small enough people attempt do it themselves or offer it to a friend or gardener. But there are great risks involved in even felling the smallest of trees. You could easily hurt yourself, damage property or even worse – kill someone. The cost of buying appropriate tools, protective equipment, applying your time and disposing of the waste easily outweighs the cost of employing an arborist or tree surgeon. Plus, you have the pleasure of watching! Gardeners should not be employed unless they hold relevant nptc certificates in use of chainsaws and hold public liability insurance (this is the law) and usually this does not cover them for anything 2m above ground level.


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