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Trees need to be managed as groups or single specimens. The works that need to be carried out are individual to the needs of the customer and the species of trees concerned. By managing the trees successfully, recreational values are greatly improved and safety isimproved for the general public.

Commercial value
Trees can be managed like crops to yield an income from the production of timber. Careful consideration needs to be given to management, from selecting the species, site and planting the trees, to growing, thinning and felling the trees for gross profit.

Some woodlands are managed for conservation but with the visiting public kept in mind. Safety has to be achieved with a careful balance of conserving the trees at the same time. Pruning is often carried out quite severely in order to create veteran trees, decaying limbs and hollows.

Bats are a protected species and it is illegal to disturb, harm or cause damage to a place they use to roost whether the roost is currently in use or dormant. The same applies for felling a tree or removing a limb that is used for roosting. Bats are able to fit through a gap half the width of a match box and climbing inspections must be carried out to discover any potential roosts before any work is carried out.

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